Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday night, which kind of takes the pressure off to plan an over-the-top date night – at least until the weekend. Whether you are single, dating, married, here are some ideas to keep the night short, sweet and stress free.

CHICK FLICK. Put on your softest pajamas and snuggle in bed and watch your favorite rom com – The Holiday, Bridget Jones Diary, or any version of Pride and Prejudice. When lights go out and you go to bed, warm feelings of your favorite leading man will swirl in your head.

VEG OUT. Plop on that comfy couch and prop up that iPad. It’s not the night to start your dissertation or review that legal brief. Do something fun and frivolous, like binge watching House of Cards, getting paid to answer surveys, or getting paid to shop.

GIRLS NIGHT. Put on your cutest top and skinny jeans and get the gals together for a girls night out. Quick drink, fancy dinner, or just dessert – it does not matter. Just take the time to celebrate the loving, caring, empowered women you are.

TAKE IN. Food is love, but who wants to cook and clean up? Treat the family or friends to a meal pulled together last minute entirely from takeout. Let everyone pick their favorite, Without the stress and mess, you can relax and enjoy a night of good food and good conversation.


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