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WEAR TO WORK: Theory Rory Classic Stretch Wool Two-Button Blazer

theory rory charcoal suit
The Theory Rory Blazer  and the Theory Emery Trouser have been corporate wardrobe staples of mine for a few years. I bought my first set to wear to an interview at a super-conservative bank and l looked and felt so confident in them that I actually went out and bought five more at full price after I got the job!At the time, BLACK was the only color available in this jacket, which is why I am so excited that Theory finally decided to come out with this jacket in CHARCOAL!You get the same quality tailoring on par with mens suits (for example, functional button holes at the sleeve rather than buttons just sewn on) and same lightweight stretch wool fabric that keeps you slim and smooth. I really do hope this suit makes it into Theory’s permanent collection, because this is hands-down my favorite suit jacket for spring and summer.Theory Rory Classic Stretch Wool Two-Button Blazer – Charcoal, $425,


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