Unique Gifts

Made in Japan: Tamanohada Welcome Fish Soap

Unique Gifts
There are soaps you use yourself and soaps that you give as gifts, like this Welcome Fish Soap¬†from Tamanohada, a 116-year-old soap factory located in Tokyo. The shape of this soap is based on the Tai fish, or Red Sea bream, which in Japanese culture is associated with good fortune. “Tai” is part of “Medetai,” meaning great news or happy event, which makes this soap a great hostess gift or housewarming gift for someone well-traveled and discerning.

The soap is about 7″ long by 4″ wide and hangs on a rope. (Yes, an actual ‘soap on a rope’!) It smells of pomegranate and is beautifully packaged in a printed box ready to be given away.

Tamanohada Welcome Fish Soap, $45, cooper-hewitt.org


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