kenmore sewing needles

Sewing Machine

I don’t consider myself crafty, but I do love the convenience of having a sewing machine – even if it to fix a loose hem or whip up a Halloween costume.  OK, it is my mom’s old Kenmore 1410 zig zag sewing machine… and it is from 1972, but it still going strong. The only bugger – which pretty much applies to any sewing machine you buy (Janome, Singer, Brother, etc.) but especially true if you have a vintage sewing machine – is that you want to stockpile your sewing needles before they get harder to find or heaven forbid discontinued .

When my mom busted up the last of her needles, she had a real tough time finding replacement needles in craft stores near her. Thankfully, she put me on the case and I was able to find the needles on ebay and Sears Parts Direct (because it is a Kenmore).

kenmore sewing needles Kenmore Sewing Needles – #11 Blue (5 pk), $6.60,
Kenmore Sewing Needles – #14 Red (5 pk), $5.99,
Kenmore Sewing Needles – Assorted (5 pk), $9.12,


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