Seda France Pagoda Candle

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There are candles you use yourself and candles that you give as gifts, like this Seda France Pagoda Candle which is “a gift that needs no wrapping”.  I first heard about these luxuriously packaged and artisan-infusion scented candles years ago on the Oprah Winfrey Show and have since tried a few. My absolute favorite — which happens to be their signature fragrance and longtime best seller — is JAPANESE QUINCE. The quince is unusual as a fruit and fragrance and I am generally drawn to sweet and fruity scents that are both arresting and restrained. My next runner up would be MALAYSIAN BAMBOO, because of its clean green scent.

This spring, Garnet Hill is carrying four scents  — FRENCH TULIP, JAPANESE QUINCE, ITALIAN BERGAMOT, VIENNESE BLOOM. Perhaps I will try FRENCH TULIP next, which is another fresh green scent and supposedly “transports you to Paris and an open-air flower market in the springtime”. Who wouldn’t love that? And just in time for Valentine’s Day… so Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Made in the USA

Seda France Pagoda Candle, $35,



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