jcrew navy blue cubist print umbrella

J.Crew Cubist Print Pocket Umbrella

jcrew navy blue cubist print umbrella

I got caught in the rain today. And as usual, I found myself sans-umbrella and had to run into J.Crew to pick up the J.CREW CUBIST PRINT POCKET UMBRELLA

It wasn’t much of a whim purchase though. Ever since the J.Crew Spring 2014 catalog came out, I have been looking for an excuse to snap up something in the new Cubist Print. According to J.Crew, it was intended to evoke the liveliness and vibrancy of Rio. But I love it because it is a work of art and all the main colors – the blues, navy blue, yellows – will pair beautifully with my trench coats and work-related outfits.

On windier days, you will probably need something more heavy duty. But this umbrella would be a great everyday umbrella for spring or fall. It is small and lightweight enough to carry in your tote, and it has a wood-grained handle and muted color pattern that is professional-looking so you can leave your fancy stick umbrella at home.


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