hello kitty refrigerator


Everyone loves Hello Kitty, but is it cool for school? Universities and colleges seem to think so and have been stocked campus store shelves with school-specific Hello Kitty clothing and toys. But whoa, a little Hello Kitty goes a long way. Before you go on your shopping spree, here are our favorite picks to feed your Hello Kitty need without being called as ‘Kitty crazy’ around campus.




hello kitty refrigerator Hello Kitty has plenty of items for your dorm. This HELLO KITTY MINI REFRIGERATOR, $149, amazon.com is great to store snack cups and sodas for late night study sessions. Yes, it is bright bright pink, but who will notice? No one looks under your desk anyway.


hello kitty toothbrush holderHello Kitty wants you to brush your teeth twice a day and after ice cream sundaes. Flipper makes a number of HELLO KITTY TOOTHBRUSH HOLDERS, $6, amazon.com to choose from. It is such a little thing, but you will thank your lucky stars you that you have your toothbrush covered when you accidentally knock your shower caddy onto the icky bathroom floor.
hello kitty screen protector skin decalHello Kitty likes to show gadget love, especially for Apple products. Adorn and protect your iPhone 5/5G with a  HELLO KITTY SCREEN PROTECTOR SKIN STICKER FOR APPLE IPHONE 5/5G, $6.50, amazon.com.
hello kitty red laptop bagOr tote your laptop around in this vibrant red HELLO KITTY LAPTOP BAG, $49, amazon.com. It is super cute, but you will also appreciate the organizational pockets and protective padding.


Ok, so what do you think about Hello Kitty on campus?


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